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Donaldson TopSpin™ Filters

Donaldson TopSpin™ pre-cleaner air filters extend primary air filter life, boost system efficiency and extend engine life in all off-road heavy-duty applications, such as farm equipment, backhoes, dozers and more.

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Self-Ejecting Pre-Cleaner Air Filter Maximizes Air Intake Systems

How It Works
The Donaldson TopSpin™ draws in dirty air, forcing the pre-filtered clean air into the air inlet and automatically ejecting mixed debris out the side of the unit. It is self-ejecting and self-scavenging, so it never has to be emptied or cleaned.

Superior Filtration Performance
The Donaldson TopSpin™ separates up to 85 percent of all incoming contaminants and more than 99 percent of particles 20 microns and larger, reducing air filter usage and greatly extending filter life. The TopSpin™ continues to work at engine idle, cleaning the incoming air even when the equipment is not moving. Pre-filtering incoming air provides lower restriction, improving engine performance and reducing filter costs. The TopSpin™ has a range of 90 - 1500 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

TopSpin™ vs. Dust Bowl
The TopSpin™ provides many advantages over the traditional dust bowl-style pre-cleaners. Dust bowl technology collects contaminants and cannot pre-clean the air when it reaches capacity. Donaldson TopSpin™ pre-cleaners continuously eject contaminants, providing continuous and consistent pre-cleaning.

Dust bowls require frequent dumping and cleaning, and create ongoing expenses for customers forced to continually replace damaged bowls. The TopSpin™ installs quickly and easily with only one clamp to tighten. It requires no dumping and no cleaning.

Solid Construction
The Donaldson TopSpin™ features a robust design. Its dual mounted bearings are sealed for extended life, and they allow the scavenging blades to spin quietly, continually cleaning the TopSpin™ and ejecting contaminants.

Donaldson TopSpin™ Available Now
The Donaldson TopSpin™ is now available from AMSOIL. For dimensional specifications, consult the chart below or call AMSOIL Technical Services at (715) 392-7101.

Outlet I.D. (C) Overall Height (A) Body Dia. (B) Part
Operating Flow range Weight
in. mm in. mm in. mm CFM m3/min lbs. kg.
2.03 56 5.75 146 6.38 162 H002434 90-200 2.5-5.7 1.0 0.4
2.27 58 5.75 146 6.38 162 H002435 90-200 2.5-5.7 1.0 0.4
2.53 64 5.75 146 6.38 162 H002436 90-200 2.5-5.7 1.0 0.4
3.03 77 5.75 146 6.38 162 H002437 90-200 2.5-5.7 1.0 0.4
3.07 78 9.39 238 9.51 242 H002425 200-450 5.7-12.7 2.2 1.0
3.83 97 9.39 238 9.51 242 H002426 200-450 5.7-12.7 2.2 1.0
4.06 103 9.39 238 9.51 242 H002394 200-450 5.7-12.7 2.2 1.0
4.06 103 11.30 287 11.32 288 H002431 450-750 12.7-21.2 2.7 1.2
4.56 116 9.39 238 9.51 242 H002427 200-450 5.7-12.7 2.2 1.0
4.56 116 11.30 287


288 H002432 450-750 12.7-21.2 2.7 1.2
5.03 128 11.30 287 11.32 288 H002433 450-750 12.7-21.2 2.7 1.2
6.03 153 13.57 245 15.62 397 H002438 750-1500 21.2-42.5 6.0 2.7
7.03 179 13.57 345 15.62 397 H002439 750-1500 21.2-42.5 6.0 2.7


AMSOIL MOTOR OILS (10,000 miles / 6-month drain intervals)

XLF - AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil (10,000 miles/6-month drain intervals)
XLT - AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-30 Motor Oil (10,000 miles/6-month drain intervals)
XLM - AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil (10,000 miles/6-month drain intervals)
XLO - AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-40 Motor Oil (10,000 miles/6-month drain intervals)




AMSOIL MOTOR OILS (15,000 - 35,000 miles / 1-year drain intervals)

AZO - AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-30 100% Synthetic Motor Oil (35,000 / 1-year drain intervals) *NEW*
ASM - AMSOIL SAE 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil (25,000 miles / 1-year drain intervals) *NEW*
ASL - AMSOIL SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil (25,000 miles / 1-year drain intervals)
ATM - AMSOIL SAE 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil (25,000 miles / 1-year drain intervals)
AMO - AMSOIL SAE 10W-40 Synthetic High Performance Motor Oil (25,000 miles / 1-year drain intervals)
ARO - AMSOIL SAE 20W-50 Synthetic High Performance Motor Oil (25,000 miles / 1-year drain intervals)
HDD - AMSOIL Series 3000 SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil (35,000 miles / 1-year drain intervals) AFL - AMSOIL 5W-40 Synthetic European Engine Oil (extended drain intervals)



DEO - AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-40 Premium Diesel Oil *NEW*
AME - AMSOIL SAE 15W-40 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Motor Oil(Extended Drain Intervals)
AHR - AMSOIL SAE 60 Synthetic Heavy Racing Oil
ACD - AMSOIL SAE 30 Synthetic Diesel Oil
DCF - Diesel Concentrate Plus Cold Flow Improver *NEW*

ADF - Diesel Concentrate
ACF - Diesel Cold Flow Improver
ACB - Cetane Boost Diesel Fuel Additive

MCT - AMSOIL SAE 10W-30 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil *NEW*

MCF - AMSOIL SAE 10W-40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil
MCV - AMSOIL SAE 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil
ANG - AMSOIL SAE 20W-40 Synthetic Natural Gas Engine Oil, Low Ash



RD20 - AMSOIL DOMINATOR 5W-20 Racing Oil *NEW*
RD30 - AMSOIL DOMINATOR 10W-30 Racing Oil *NEW*
RD50 - AMSOIL DOMINATOR 15W-50 Racing Oil *NEW*
AHR - AMSOIL SAE 60 Synthetic Heavy Racing Oil



EAO - AMSOIL Absolute Efficiency Oil Filters
EAA - AMSOIL Absolute Efficiency Air Filters
EAAR - AMSOIL EaAR Air Filters
EAPF - AMSOIL Air Pre-Filters *NEW*
EAAU - AMSOIL EA Universal Air Induction Filters
EAAM - AMSOIL EA Motorycle Air Filters
EAOM - AMSOIL EA Motorycle Oil Filters
PCIS73 - 7.3L PowerStroke Air Induction System
WIX - WIX Filters
TWINAIR - AMSOIL Twin Air Filters
EAF - Donaldson Endurance Air Filters
ELF - Donaldson Endurance Oil Filters
Donaldson TopSpin Air Filter Pre-cleaner
BMK - AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filters
EABP - EaBP Bypass Filters
AMK - AMS-Oiler ™ Oil Precharger


ATF - AMSOIL Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid
CTG - AMSOIL Synthetic Powershift Transmission Fluids
ART - AMSOIL Synthetic Supershift Racing Transmission Fluid
MTF - AMSOIL Synthetic Synchromesh Transmission Fluid
MTG - AMSOIL Synthetic Manual Transmission and Transaxle Gear Lube
ATD - AMSOIL Torque-Drive Synthetic ATF
ATH - AMSOIL Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil


AIT - AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil
HPI - AMSOIL HP Injector Oil
ATP - Saber Professional 100:1 Pre-Mix
ATO - Saber Outboard 100:1 Pre-Mix

WCF - AMSOIL SAE 10W-40 Formula 4-Stroke ® Marine Synthetic Motor Oil
WCT - AMSOIL SAE 10W-30 Formula 4-Stroke ® Marine Synthetic Motor Oil
AME - AMSOIL SAE 15W-40 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Motor Oil (Extended Drain Intervals)

AFF - AMSOIL SAE 0W-40 Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic Motor Oil
ASE - AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke ® 10W-30/SAE 30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil
ASO - AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke 10W-40 Synthetic Scooter Oil *NEW*

SRN - AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR ™ SAE 190 Gear Lubricant
SRT - AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR ™ SAE 250 Gear Lubricant
SVO - AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR ™ Synthetic Extreme Pressure (EP) 75W-140 Lubricant
SVG - AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR ™ Synthetic Extreme Pressure (EP) 75W-90 Lubricant
SVT - AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR ™ Synthetic Extreme Pressure (EP) 75W-110 Lubricant *NEW*
FGR - AMSOIL Long Life Synthetic 75W-90 Gear Lube
FGO - AMSOIL Long Life Synthetic 80W-140 Gear Lube
AGL - AMSOIL SAE 80W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube, GL-5, MT-1
AGM - AMSOIL SAE 75W/80W-90 Universal Synthetic Marine Gear Lube
ADA - Slip Lock Differential Additive

Series 500 High-Performance DOT 3
Series 600 High-Performance DOT 4 Racing

NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs
NGK Standard Spark Plugs
NGK V-Power Spark Plugs
NGK Commercial Spark Plugs
NGK Spark Plug Wire Sets
NGK Power Cable Wire Sets


ANT - AMSOIL Propylene Glycol Antifreeze and Engine Coolant

API - P.I. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive
AST - Gasoline Stabilizer
AOB - Series 2000 Octane Boost
APF - Power Foam Engine Cleaner & Degreaser

FLCH - Engine and Transmission Flush


ANG - AMSOIL SAE 20W-40 Synthetic Natural Gas Engine Oil, Low Ash
PSF - AMSOIL Power Steering Fluid *NEW*
OAI - Oil Analysis Kits
FOG - AMSOIL Engine Fogging Oil *NEW*
AMP - MP Metal Protector
AMH - MP Heavy Duty Metal Protector

MOTHER'S Car Care Products
PCP - Pro Formula Car Polish
PFC - Pro Formula Vinyl and Leather Cleaner
PFP - Pro Formula Vinyl and Leather Protectant
PFM - Pro Formula Metal Polish
AMW - Miracle Wash Waterless Wash and Polish

SEI - Synthetic Sirocco ® SE Series Compressor Oil
PCH,PCI,PCJ,PCK,PCL - Synthetic PC-Series Compressor Oil
AW - Synthetic Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils
TBI - Synthetic Thermally Stable Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil
ATH - Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Fluid

GRG - Series 2000 Synthetic Racing Grease
GHD - Synthetic Heavy-Duty Greases
GLC - Synthetic Multi-Purpose Greases
GLC - Synthetic Multi-Purpose Spray Grease
GWR - Synthetic Water Resistant Grease
GSF - Semi-Fluid 00 Synthetic EP Grease
GVC - Synthetic High Viscosity Lithium Complex Grease
GFW - Synthetic Fifth Wheel and Open Gear Compound
GXC - Synthetic X-Treme Aluminum Complex Food Grade Grease (USDA H-1)
ABC - Synthetic Blend Bar and Chain Oil
GHB - Synthetic Heavy-Duty Grease
TCC - Series 2000 Synthetic Chaincase Lubricant

STL - Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid #5 Light

G-2039 - AMSOIL Hand Pump


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